Dietitian & Nutritionist

BNut&Diet, APD,AN

Jordi is a friendly, enthusiastic and driven individual inspired by all thing’s health and food (of course!). She is passionate about helping others to achieve their goals by working with her clients long term and helping them overcome all of the obstacles that have an impact on nutrition. Originally an ‘Adelaidian’ (We definitely won’t hold that against her), Jordi now resides in Sunny FNQ and is based in our Cairns office. 

Jordi’s interest in becoming a dietitian stemmed from an early age, having personal experience with allergies. Curiosity and a desire to improve her own allergies, drove her down the dietetics pathway. Having first hand experience with allergies means she knows how to overcome various challenges that may arise. 

Since arriving, Jordi is eager to dive into the Cairns community and experience everything on offer. In her spare time, she loves exploring the outdoors and spending time with friends and family. You’ll find her chasing the allusive waterfall and hiking her way through the tablelands. 


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