Sports Nutrition

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Health Management has a strong history with sport in North Queensland.

We live by the motto that excellence is geographically irrelevant, and this is why we aim to provide expert sports nutrition advice to athletes and weekend warriors around the region. We are official dietitians to the CQU Cairns Taipans and the Northern Pride Rugby League teams.


We work with elite athletes and beginners to help them go further, faster and do it easier. We will assess your current diet and body composition and help you reach your goals: 


  • Best weight and body composition for your sport

  • Weight and Fat Loss

  • Weight and/or Muscle gain

  • Recovery Nutrition

  • Race day nutrition 

  • Training nutrition (the most important for overall performance)

  • Travel nutrition 

  • Sporting team nutrition 

  • Sports Supplements & Ergogenic Aids

  • Bowel problems in exercise

  • Level 2 anthropometry (skinfolds and measurements)


If you are planning a goal or adventure, it is best to contact us early. Your training nutrition is just as important as your race day nutrition, and when we get this right, you will train better, achieve your goals easier, go faster and recover better.


Our clients have achieved fantastic results:

  • Making Olympic and Paralympic teams 

  • Being drafted to the NBA & AFL

  • Representing Australia at World Championships

  • Bodybuilding and figure athletes - Winning regional championships

  • Qualifying for Kona ironman

  • Completing Half Marathons, Marathons and Ultra Marathons

  • Completing Half Ironmans and Ironman races

  • Swim the English Channel

  • Run the Marathon Des sables

  • Trek from Antarctica to South Pole and back (90 days unassisted)

  • Race Across America Cycle (12 days of cycling for 20 hours per day)

  • Achieving something they never thought they could do. 

  • Climbed Mt Cook & Mt Everest


We work with all athletes and see clients on an individual or team level. If you are embarking on an adventure or something out of the ordinary, give us a call and our specialist sports dietitian can get you on the right path with your nutrition


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