Weight Loss

Navigating your personal weight journey can be confusing, frustrating, time consuming…the list goes on! The dietitians at Health Management are here to make your journey a more pleasant one and ensure that you have all the answers relevant to you and your needs.


Healthy body weight is what we are all about.


We understand the no ‘one size fits all’ approach works, and that advice for weight management needs to be individually designed for YOU. We get to know you and your situation with the goal of providing you with the tools to effectively manage your health. No fads, just facts! 


We love working with people of all ages, shapes and sizes and are committed to providing you with a friendly, non-judgmental environment that you will love to visit. When you consult with us we discuss your personal goals and what your current nutrition and lifestyle behaviours are. You will be provided with practical and achievable strategies that cut through food confusion and set you on a path to feeling great.


Health Management dietitians have a special interest in the psychology of food, eating and body image so our aim is to get you feeling good about YOU again!


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